• Use cold water for other purposes while you wait for it to heat (e.g. shower water), such as watering plants, flushing, cleaning the floor, etc.;
  • Choose showers over immersion baths and do not take long baths;
  • An immersion bath consumes four times more water than a shower; and for every additional minute in the shower, you consume about 100 litters of water per week;
  • Install flow reducers on the taps and showers in your home. In a family of 3 people, this measure leads to savings of around EUR 45 per year;
  • Turn off the tap while applying soap or brushing your teeth;
  • Choose a flushing system with two flush volumes or fill and place a bottle of water in the tank, thus reducing the total volume per flush;
  • Install flow reducers on taps: these are cheap and easy to install.