AdEPorto and Matosinhos Municipality working together for the carbon neutrality


In collaboration with Matosinhos Municipality, Porto Energy Agency – AdEPorto has been developing different initiatives in the context of sustainable energy sector and environmental responsibility.
With the objective of reaching carbon neutrality in 2030, Matosinhos Municipality, through the initiative “MatosinhosHabit”, developed several activities involving the community, local councils, municipal entities and autarchy leaders, for the gathering of new contributes in order to reduce 85% of carbon emissions until 2030, anticipating the decarbonization target expected to 2050.

The Ecological Park of Monte de S. Brás was the stage for a work meeting, in the context of “Policy Support Facility do Pacto dos Autarcas” project, organized by Matosinhos Municipality, to introduce the objectives, challenges and financial solutions for the implementation of climate change adaptation measures capable of forming climate resilient communities until 2050.
This initiative from EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy pretends to outline energetic policies, by the year of 2050, for the territories decarbonization, adaptation to the impacts of climate changes and allow the access to sustainable and safe energy to all citizens.
Matosinhos Municipality joined in 2010 and is conducting the “Matosinhos Neutralidade Carbónica 2030” strategy implementation, already achieved in 2022, with a carbon emission decrease of 40,2%.

Apart from these initiatives, the project “Atelier – Positive Energy Districts” was also developed, financed by the European Comission through the Horizon 2020 - Community Framework Programme for Research & Innovation, which objective is to invest in energy efficiency measures, mobility and renewables integration, for the connection of smart cities.
In the context of this project, and in partnership with Matosinhos Municipality and AdEPorto, MatosinhosHabit was present in Riga (Latvia) in the international ATELIER project meeting, where two European Positive Energy Districts (PED) were defined. The project is headed by the cities of Amsterdam and Bilbao and also includes Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Cracow, Matosinhos and Riga.

Alongside with all these initiatives, Matosinhos Municipality counts also a one-stop-shop, located in Loja do Munícipe, Matosinhos Energy Hub, in the context of Porto Energy Hub project, open from 9h to 17h (Monday to Friday). This service has the objective of supporting citizens and housing managing bodies to implement energetic efficiency measures and renewable energy production. Learn more about the project in