AdEPorto is the leader of a European project to fight energy poverty


Porto Energy Agency will lead a European project, financed under the Horizonte2020 program, aimed at fighting energy poverty. The initiative is called 'Porto Energy ElevatoR' (PEER) and is in line with the goals and requirements defined in documents such as the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030, the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2050, or the Long Term Strategy for the Renewal of Buildings, recently approved.

PEER will focus, in a first phase, on a park of three thousand municipal houses in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto in the North of the Douro (MAP-ND). The idea is to promote energy efficiency in buildings - responsible for 30% of CO₂ emissions in the MAP-ND - and to encourage self-consumption of energy, individually and collectively, from clean sources - in particular, through the promotion of about 12 MW of renewable energy systems.

With the project, it is also intended to test, for the first time, financing schemes and innovative business models in the Housing sector, which make it easier to channel investment and facilitate the availability of funds for intervention in buildings.

During the course of the program, it is intended to disseminate and replicate results to the Municipalities closest to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto, as well as to provide, at a national level, the developed tools. To facilitate interaction with potential stakeholders, the Porto Energy Hub will be created, which includes a physical space and an online portal, allowing quick and direct access to the tools developed.

In addition to Porto Energy Agency, the project Consortium has three partners: RdA Climate Solutions, S317 Consulting and TELLES Advogados, which, together, will develop technical, financial and legal tools to support the implementation of energy efficiency projects and use of renewable energies.