AdEPorto supports the Gondomar Climate Action Plan – Towards a Sustainable Future


Gondomar took another step forward to a sustainable future, complying with the Climate Law and the Covenant of Mayors requirements.
In the past day September 19th, in the Municipal Assembly, the Sustainable Energy Action Plan and Municipal Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change were approved unanimously. The documents comprehend a set of strategic measures and action plans, which pretend to achieve the fulfilment of energy and environmentally sustainable objectives of the municipality.
Porto Energy Agency (AdEPorto) assumed a fundamental role in these plans’ development supporting the Municipality in every stage of the process. The objective is to establish an integrated vision of the actions Gondomar Municipality can implement, in order to enhance energy sustainability, through the implementation of environmental protection measures, considering the economic and social development. 

These documents represent a tangible commitment with the future by predicting reduction which will allow the fulfilment of the compromises assumed in the Covenant of Mayors, in response to the Climate Law. 
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