Cost reductions with PIEE-IPSS energy auctions


Under the scope of the Integrated Energy Efficiency Programme for IPSS (PIEE-IPSS), promoted by the RNAE - Association of Energy and Environmental Agencies, and AdEPorto in its area of intervention, the supported IPSS have been able to participate in auctions to obtain more attractive tariffs for electricity from vendors on the liberal market.

At the most recent auctions, for the Special Low Voltage (BTE) level, most of the participating IPSS achieved significant reductions in their tariffs, averaging 33 %, and reaching 44 % in some cases. Overall, supported by AdEPorto, the nine IPSS which took part in this auction achieved a total annual reduction of around EUR 26 100.

Following the energy efficiency gains already achieved by many IPSS supported by AdEPorto, these cost reductions achieved in auctions further contribute to the efforts of these entities in pursuing their fundamental social missions.