Environmental leadership: Porto on CDP's A List of 2021


Porto was ranked by the non-governmental organization “Carbon Disclosure Project” (CDP) as a leading city in environmental action. The territory thus becomes one of the 95 urban centers included in the CDP’s A List, which recognizes the efforts made by cities to reduce polluting gas emissions and mitigate the negative effects of climate change. This distinction was received for the second consecutive year.

To achieve this recognition, municipalities must publish emission inventories and mitigation and adaptation plans to fight climate change, tasks that the Porto Energy Agency (AdEPorto) has supported to carry out with the Porto’s municipality.

This award also validates the work carried out by the Municipality of Porto with projects and initiatives in areas that involve AdEPorto's activities, such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, the rehabilitation of buildings and environmental sustainability.

Porto has promoted, among other measures, the rehabilitation of water lines or the duplication of green spaces, and will assist in the creation of the first renewable energy community in the Asprela’s territory.