LIPOR and AdEPorto conclude a protocol to promote energy inclusion in Portugal's nothern region


A household or individual finds itself in ''energy poverty'' when it does not have access to modern energy services. According to Eurostat data, Portugal is the fifth European country with the highest percentage of people in energy poverty, with 19 % of its population in this situation.
LIPOR and the Porto Energy Agency signed a protocol to promote energy inclusion, universal access, combat energy poverty and promote sustainability in Portugal's Northern Region. This protocol will be materialized in a Study on "Energy Inclusion in Portugal's Northern Region. Contributions to Combating Energy Poverty."
This study aims to obtain statistical information concerning on the subject, in particular, the number of people and private households in energy poverty, while simultaneously obtaining information and know-how that allows partners to contribute to the improvement of public policies and the definition of Civil Society Initiatives to combat energy poverty.
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