Maia successfully applies to program that will support the creation of a Renewable Energy Center in the territory


The Municipality of Maia successfully applied for the “European City Facility” (EUCF) initiative, which aims to support European municipalities in the energy transition.

The approval of this application will, among other measures, allow the municipality to move towards the creation of a Renewable Energy Center - the “Maia Renewable Energy Hub”. According to the Mayor of Maia, António Tiago Silva, it is a “one-stop shop for private agents looking for the best energy solutions and a promoting center for the establishment of Local Communities of Renewable Energy”.

This transition to renewable energy sources also includes, according to the mayor, the installation of photovoltaic solutions in municipal buildings, social housing, schools, and sports facilities, in an estimated investment of 3.3 million euros.

The measures to be implemented give strength to the initiatives that Maia already has in place to boost the decarbonization of the territory, with emphasis on BaZe, the municipality’s “living lab”. Within the scope of this project, there have been tested energy efficiency solutions with the potential for replication in the municipality. The focus is on achieving carbon neutrality before 2050.

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, EUCF supports European municipalities in promoting energy and environmental sustainability by assisting in the development of investment programs to accelerate the implementation of the European Union's Energy and Climate Action Plans.

Maia's application had the institutional support of the Porto Energy Agency - AdEPorto -, which will also help with the definition and implementation of innovative energy sustainability measures that the municipality intends to put into practice.