Matosinhos hosts the first workshop of the “ATELIER” Project


The Municipality of Matosinhos hosted, on March 11th, the first workshop of the “Atelier” project, under the theme “Matosinhos City Vision 2050 - Reflection on SWOT analysis”.

The session, which took place in Paços do Concelho, brought together local partners to discuss the Energy and Climate Transition of Matosinhos, with a view to achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

The seminar allowed to collect contributions from different stakeholders to characterize the greatest opportunities and challenges of the decarbonization of the territory.

To accelerate the mission, the Municipality is, within the scope of this project, developing a study with a view to updating the PAES (Action Plan for Sustainable Energy) of Matosinhos, in order to incorporate smart urban solutions into the document.

The first phase of the works includes the elaboration of studies to identify potential Positive Energy Districts (PED) in the municipality. So far, two pilot areas have been defined: the Custió Housing Group and the Lionesa Business Center with the green corridor of Leça between Ponte da Pedra and Ponte do Carro.

The Lionesa Business Center is located in the section of the first phase of the construction and is seen as a key partner in the PED pilot. The business center is also believed to have potential for the implementation of an energy community based on photovoltaic technologies integrated with electric mobility solutions.

Funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Program and ending in October 2024, the ATELIER Project involves a network of smart cities with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and renewable energies. The consortium includes Amsterdam and Bilbao (leading cities), as well as Matosinhos, Budapest, Riga, Copenhagen, Bratislava and Krakow (partner cities).

The Porto Energy Agency - AdEPorto - also participates in “ATELIER” by supporting the municipality of Matosinhos, especially in monitoring technical studies and in the administrative and financial management of the project.