Municipalities implement measures to reduce energy use with support from AdEPorto


The Municipalities of Maia, Matosinhos and Porto have already started to implement a set of measures aimed at reducing energy use in the territory. The objective is to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis that is affecting the European continent. To respond to the energy crisis that Europe is experiencing, the European Commission has developed a plan - REPower EU - to encourage Member States to reduce energy use, produce clean energy and diversify energy sources. Based on this document, the 2022-2023 Energy Savings Plan was approved by the Council of Ministers, which includes several energy reduction measures in different areas and sectors.

Additionally, the Porto Energy Agency prepared a document with Recommendations and Energy Saving Measures for Associated Municipalities. The objective is to communicate to municipalities the negative effects of the energy crisis and climate change, identifying some measures and their respective impacts, in terms of reducing energy use. Among other measures contemplated in the document, the following stand out:
  • - The Porto Energy Hub as an advisory space that provides support to citizens on topics such as energy efficiency and renewable production;
  • - The promotion of citizens' awareness and empowerment on the energy issue;
  • - The establishment of setpoints for indoor temperature regulation according to adaptive comfort criteria;
  • - The adjustment of public lighting hours, reducing the period of operation to the most appropriate, not neglecting the safety and well-being of citizens.
Following the work carried out by AdEPorto, the implementation of some of the measures proposed by the Associated Municipalities is planned. Porto, in particular, released a set of measures, focused mainly on public and scenic lighting in the city, which will allow for savings of around 1000 MWh per year in final energy; and will make it possible to reduce emissions by around 250 tCO2eq/year.

In the Municipality of Matosinhos, the option is also to reduce energy in Christmas lighting, either by using LED technology or by reducing the time the lighting is on. Finally, the Municipality of Maia will also implement a set of measures related to lighting (public, scenic and of buildings), to the air conditioning of spaces, with a set of measures focused on municipal buildings, namely in swimming pools and sports complexes.