Municipality of Porto creates Climate Pact


The Porto City Council presented, on January 31st, the Porto Climate Pact. The initiative’s motto is “towards a carbon neutral, resilient, competitive, fair and participatory city” and aims to bring society together to contribute to climate neutrality by 2030.

The vice-president of the municipality, Filipe Araújo, adds that the Porto Climate Pact is an opportunity to “develop our economy, betting on an increasingly circular and decarbonized city”.

The pact can be subscribed voluntarily through a dedicated website. In this portal, citizens and institutions find information about the municipality's work towards decarbonization and a space for sharing ideas and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to anticipate the targets for carbon neutrality indicated by the European Commission from 2050 to 2030, the municipality reinforces that it will continue the efforts that are being made, “either through the City Council itself, or through participating entities such as the Porto Energy Agency”.
“We are presidents of the Eurocities Network Environment Forum. We have aligned our challenges and ambitions with the European agenda. We subscribe to the Green City Agreement and the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy”, Filipe Araújo explains, alluding to the work carried out in terms of environmental and energy sustainability.