TROFA ENERGY HUB – New One-Stop-Shop for integrated services


Since the beginning of July, Trofa Municipality is providing an energetic efficiency support service: Trofa Energy Hub. This project, which has available a helpdesk, arises in the context of the project Porto Energy Hub.

The One-Stop-Shop objective is to provide the families with all the necessary information to reduce costs related to energy, through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy decentralised production.

This service is located in Espaço Cidadão, Rua Professor Mário Padrão – 138 4785-394 Trofa. The space is open to all the citizens, every working day, from 9h to 16h.

Trofa Energy Hub is now joining to the remaining One-Stop-Shops, located in Porto, Matosinhos and Valongo.
More information about the project can be consulted at