Asprela + Sustentável

“Asprela + Sustentável” is a multidisciplinary project created with the goal of helping the city of Porto to mitigate climate change and achieve carbon neutrality.

The project was planned and developed under the EEA Grants’ “Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy” Program and will emerge as a true “living laboratory”, that is, a space to test innovative services and technologies in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

This living laboratory will be developed in Asprela (Parish of Paranhos) and will promote decarbonization in all areas with the potential to positively influence the energy transition. We are specifically talking about the areas of Circular Economy and Environment, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Energy, Buildings and Literacy and Community involvement.

Led by Coopérnico and with technical coordination from the Porto Energy Agency - AdEPorto -, the project is being developed in close collaboration with the Municipality of Porto and other partners: Associação Porto Digital, municipal companies Porto Ambiente and Águas e Energia do Porto, INEGI, EFACEC Electric Mobility, EFACEC Energia, INESC-TEC, VPS, EVIO, the Academic Federation of Porto and International Development Norway.