Energy and Comfort for All

Objectives of the Measure
Energy and Comfort for All aims to characterise and mitigate energy poverty in the Metropolitan Area of Porto North of the Douro River (AMP-ND) and implement actions and measures to increase energy efficiency. In addition, energy efficiency and energy poverty mitigation measures will be disseminated to improve the quality of life in homes and to raise interest in this issue.

Involved entities
This initiative foresees the involvement and training of Schools, City Halls, Parish Councils and housing management entities for the promotion of energy efficiency.

Development of the measure
The dissemination of this project will be carried out through a strong communication campaign that will include schools, local authorities, as well as neighbourhood associations, condominium managers and social housing managing entities. The dissemination and awareness-raising will be carefully adapted to each target audience. The implementation of Energy and Comfort for All will allow direct awareness-raising of a wide range of the population, ensuring, with the involvement of schools, the durability and multiplier effect of the project. Through the elaboration and analysis of a survey, it also intends to characterise the real situation of energy vulnerability in the region, and contribute to the definition, at the political level, of solid measures and actions for its mitigation. Importantly, this measure also includes the monitoring of the energy performance and comfort of 50 homes and the implementation of concrete measures by awarding improvement vouchers for the purchase of services, materials or equipment, worth € 2,000. These will enable the identified needs to be met and energy poverty to be mitigated, contributing to decarbonisation and a cohesive energy transition.

Expected results
  • Expected energy reduction of 13 700 MWh/year;
  • Estimated savings of 1 500 000 €/year.

                    Measure financed under the Plan for Promoting Efficiency in Energy Consumption, approved by ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority