Observatório de Energia (Energy Observatory)

Under the scope of its action for energy sustainability within the AMP-ND, AdEPorto - Porto Energy Agency uses the Energy Observatory, an online platform for monitoring and management of energy in facilities under the municipal management. A platform with these characteristics presents itself as a necessity for the savings potential associated with energy use and for its various features, notably:


  • Expected cost reduction

    • Optimization of tariffs;

    • Otimização da potência contratada;

    • Promoting use during more favourable times of day;

  • Reduction of GHG emissions;

  • Correct invoicing verification;

  • Supporting the implementation of energy efficiency measures;

  • Detection and correction of anomalies (in useful time, through real-time monitoring);

  • Replication of good practices;

  • Systematization of the georeferenced infrastructure register, recording and monitoring implemented energy efficiency interventions;

  • Monitoring progress of assumed goals;

  • Streamlining contractual procedures;

  • Information and awareness on energy use.