Projeto Habitação A+ (A+ Housing Project)

AdEPorto – Porto Energy Agency, in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto, is conducting a study that includes the survey of equipment used, energy vectors and consumed energy, as well as the corresponding costs once installed in homes.

The objective of Habitação A+ [A+ Housing] is to support and raise awareness among citizens for actions aimed at reducing energy and water consumption, using equipment and house improvements, which increase efficiency and optimize consumption without compromising comfort.

This project has already been implemented, first in a pilot phase, in the Municipality of Porto, and later, in the Municipality of Matosinhos, followed by the Municipality of Maia, with a total of 409 interventions (so 409 questionnaires were completed) in the 1188 dwellings targeted by the project.

During the study, visits are made to the dwellings in selected urbanizations, with questionnaires to:
  • Survey the type of glazing and shading;
  • Survey electricity, natural gas and water contracts, and actual consumption;
  • Measure Temperature and Relative Humidity in all divisions of each home;
  • Measure Indoor Air Quality in some homes;
  • Survey the equipment used in homes and the corresponding times of day, such as kitchen equipment (e.g. refrigerator, oven,...) electrical and electronic equipment (e.g. televisions, computers,...), and heating or cooling equipment, among others;
  • Survey some habits and tips for improvement, with a view to improve consumption and costs;
  • Analyse thermal comfort indicators.

At the end of the study, families are provided with a personalized report for their home and household and other offers that may vary according to the support received by external entities. In the last three editions, all households received at least one LED lamp.

A further visit to the dwellings targeted by the project is planned, to verify results and measure the extent of application of suggested measures, both in the municipality of Porto, the municipality of Matosinhos, and the municipality of Maia.

This project resulted in the creation of the Porto Energy Agency’s flyer with tips that is available to print or can be viewed and browsed below.