Public Lighting Master Plan (Plano Diretor de Iluminação Pública - PDIP)

The PDIP is a normative and structuring document for Public Lighting management that allows the quality of the provided service to be ensured within the vision and scope (including architecture) of the Municipality for its Public Lighting infrastructure.

The PDIP will provide Municipalities with effective and efficient public lighting strategies that takes into consideration existing and prospective environmental impacts of artificial light. To this end, several studies are carried out regarding the hierarchy of roads and streets, the lighting register, land use, brightness of the night sky, among others, in order to understand the different lighting needs and limits.

In addition to efficiency, the PDIP also motivates the creation of different lit environments depending on location, making Municipalities come alive at night, making historical areas more attractive, promoting cultural or commercial activities, promoting the economic growth of night activities, protecting against and minimizing light pollution and avoiding waste.

The PDIP is an important guarantee in the implementation of energy performance contracts (eco.ap model) which must be preceded by the correct preparation of this document. Since these contracts are based on energy efficiency and investment by a third party, it is appropriate to ensure that ''energy efficiency'' measures are not implemented at the expense of the levels of service that the municipality intends to offer but are instead an integral part of their vision for the future of Public Lighting.