Public Lighting

The development of LED technology, associated with a drop in prices, has provided an increased ability to implement energy efficiency projects in Public Lighting, either through the use of own funds, financing sources such as Norte2020 or the Eco.ap model (energy performance contract).

AdEPorto has supported several studies, the preparation of contractual procedures and applications to funding calls for upgrading public lighting systems to LED technology. This work has been carried out in Municipalities such as Porto, Matosinhos, Póvoa de Varzim and Trofa (through Norte2020 applications and investment with own funds) as well as in the Municipalities of Maia, Vila do Conde and Trofa (with resort to Eco.ap energy performance contracts). The specific technical validation of installed infrastructure and the best available solutions for each Municipality together with a project framed within the defined specifications leads to optimal investment on a case-by-case basis.

It should be noted that, in the context of Eco.ap contracts, AdEPorto has also taken part in the work done by the Contract’s Monitoring Commission to verify and ensure compliance with the contracted performance. Regarding the Eco.ap model, it is noted that in the implementation of this type of contract, the investment to replace equipment is made by a third party, which will be remunerated with part of the savings achieved with the replacement of the equipment, over a stipulated period, and the other part is channelled to the Municipality. At the end of the contract, the installed equipment remains in the possession of the Municipality, which will benefit from the total savings, and as clarified by EUROSTAT in 2017, this type of contract has no impact on debt limits and in most cases does not constitute public debt.

Together with the Municipality of Porto, AdEPorto developed ICP's (Investor Confidence Project) Investor Ready certification for one of its Public Lighting projects. This certification was a worldwide first in a Public Lighting project, based on standardised and recognised methodologies that increase the bankability of such projects, reducing the investment risk for potential investors. Based on this experience, AdEPorto is recognised as a Project Developer by ICP, and is qualified to prepare projects for this certification, which enhances the success of operations, namely those aimed at Eco.ap contracts.